An open letter
to the world

Child abductors
make another excuse
to harass my family again

December 19, 2016

On Friday December 16th, late in the afternoon, I got a courier delivered letter from the Children's Aid Society. In it satanist Shadi says that the "As you may be aware the CAS has received a report pertaining to some concerns about your family and the society is obligated to follow up." She wants to enter our home again against my will, and was looking to organize a time to meet in a couple of days. She then states "I trust this is satisfactory", ya right!!! They wont even tell me whats wrong, they just want to harass us again and intrude into my home space again.

On the Sunday the 11th of December, 2016, The Lord's day, rest and play day for us, we slept in, as lazy rest days should be, and then were playing and cooking together for the majority of the day. We were making dinner when someone was at the door, ringing the doorbell and knocking loudly, they went around the back and were knocking loudly at the back and then I saw flashlights through the window and that's when I knew something was wrong. It was the police. I looked through the window and spoke to the police that way, without opening the door because from my experience and knowledge, they are criminals. They wanted to know if I was okay and if the kids were okay. I was super confused because we were having a great day, it had snowed a bunch, and we were just staying in and having fun. They were saying how they were worried because the house was dark (curtains were closed because it was night time), no tracks in the snow and the car was covered in snow (stayed in, cold outside, too much snow) and that was concerning. I said we were okay and the kids were okay, they were there with me, and I said "see we are okay, you can see us". I was still confused and they seemed persistent for me to open the door and check if we were okay, so they decided to just call me, because I wasn't going to open the door.

Then that I found out that a client of mine (I am self employed) was trying to get in contact with me that day but since I wasn't in my office/computer room, I didn't know they were calling/emailing, because I don't work on Sundays. So apparently, this was reason for concern. This client then got my parents all worked up also, but calling them, and I am not sure who called the police at this point.

If they are so concerned, why did it take CAS almost a week to contact me? Why did they purposely send me this note same day courier in the evening on Friday so that I had to stress out about it for the entire weekend before I would be able to contact her back? Why is it that she isn't even in the office today (Monday)? And the fact that they are doing this on my Christmas Holiday and ruining it for me is just making me even more upset and angry. When will the harassment end? Do I have to live in fear of these perverts until morphis is done?

Child abductors/perverts a.k.a Children's Aid Society of London threaten my family

December 18, 2016

Maybe the next day, or a couple days later, Shadi Behruz from Children's Aid Society showed up at my door with 3 or more armed police, one of them in SWAT uniform. She forced her way inside, committing armed home invasion, dressed like a slut (and reeked like one too with all the perfume, while my family is hyper-sensitive to such toxins), while the children were present. While doing so, she said it was just to 'talk and look around' to make sure it was 'safe for the children'. Apparently the police called these perverts to come and threaten to take my children and invade my families home against my will. And they are acting like WE were the ones that put our family in danger a couple days earlier and not the city and police??? The city is obviously purposely retaliating against us by sending CAS because we refuse to submit to their power trip, and because of the nature of the technology Sam is building (and I am helping with) to save the world from these evil satanic criminals. So here they were again, with their guns.

I try to be nothing but the best mother to my kids. I feed them homemade organic food, get a CSA (Community Shared Agriculture organic box of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables) in the summer time, make their clothes, cloth diaper them, bought them an organic mattress made from natural materials, buy them natural toys and avoid plastic ones (I had to even send my Mom a list of 'me-approved' toys because she knows I am picky), don't need or want anything for myself because I get joy out of getting toys and things for my kids and seeing them happy. There is no one on this earth that would love them more, or be a better mother to these kids than me, and for these child rapist abductors to invade our home, our safe comfort place, and accuse me of not being a good mother and threatening me makes me FURIOUS.

These satanists want to take my children away and give them to a bunch of pedofiles, feed them toxic food and formula, give them prescription drugs and inject them with vaccines. And then Shadi satanist tries to label me as a 'naturalist'. What is that??? Because I want to do things the natural way, I am labeled, but the ones who do things UNNATURALLY are considered NORMAL and not labeled??? What backwards world do we live in? Not one I want to live in, or one I want my kids to grow up in, hence why we are adamant on changing the current corrupt system. So I'm labeled because I feed them organically, because they have been breastfed exclusively and have never had formula, because I go to a naturopath (which is NOT covered by OHIP, so I pay for this out of pocket while still paying taxes or OHIP!!!), because we co-sleep which is known to be the best for child AND the parents. I was more cooperative than I should have been, and they talked down to me and were intimidating the entire time, implying I was going about my parenting the wrong way because of my natural approach. They were also very verbally and visibly irritated when I began video recording the event. At the end of the meeting I said I wanted the case closed, since there was obviously no neglect, abuse or danger to my kids. Satanist Shadi said that she would call me back before she went on vacation, which she never did.

My kids are happy, healthy (never been sick), love to play, have a lot of energy, and love their family. To take them from their loving family would be child abuse and torture, but that is what these people are all about. They literally harvest children to rent them out for money and power. They are a for profit organization and thus inherently do not care about the children's welfare but only their own profit and power. The CAS isn't even a government agency, they are an independent corporation. They get funding from the government per child when they abduct kids and put them with horrible families which are proven time and again to be the worst possible situation for children! It is well known that children that are harvested into their system have about a 10x higher delinquency rate than the average child, and as you can see from above, we treat our children miles above average! If you are getting child benefit money, they steal that as well and keep it for their 'funding'. Obviously this is corrupt, makes them in clear and visible bias, and it is inherent and obvious that their agenda is to get the most money and power possible by abducting children, and by using stall tactics to get even more money for longer, so the CAS of London can spend it on office renovations ($300,000 to renovate a leased office), highly paid, bloated management ranks (22 executives were paid more than $100,000), and other luxuries ($50,000 in taxis, including $3,535 for one client, their bill for technology was nearly $85,600, 23 iPads ($19,600), $26,000 for remote access to desktops and $40,000 in other costs).

Links showing CAS corruption and perverse agenda:

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Ex-cop charged with sexually assaulting 16-year-old boy

They brought assault and riot shields to cut our grass

December 17, 2016

We then recieved a notice that we were violating a bylaw for having long grass. It's been like that for at least 5 years because we let a patch in the backyard go to seed, and we had just redone the grass in the front yard with new soil and planted grass seed. We worked hard all day to redo the front yard in the heat of the summer and I think I was about 6 months pregnant at the time too! We then would let this grow and evolve to adapt to its environment, instead of murduring it constantly, like the retarded custom of some ignorant people. Although our grass was long, it was beautifully healthy and green, and never needed watering (even when there were droughts), or pesticides, fertilizer, or wasted energy cutting it. There was not a single weed, not even crab grass, because it was a healthy organism, able to fight off infestation. As well, when there would be the odd weed we would pull it, even though that was infrequent because nothing was able to infest it. You could see everyones lawns on our street, always totally dead and dry in the heat, and filled with crabgrass and dandilions. Ours was the only grass that was actually green. There was never a problem with our grass being long in the past, and when I would be outside pulling weeds, which naturally were kept at bay by the long grass, often people and kids would comment on how nice it was and would ask to play in the soft grass, kids would roll around in it because it was so soft feeling and looking, just as my son liked to play in it.

My soft healthy grass. The second photo is when it was going to seed, which makes it look a bit less green from far away becasue of the seeds, but you can clearly see spots at the right where they killed it:

After they murdered it, cutting it to the dirt:

The city sent a notice for us to cut the grass and claimed there were weeds. There were none in the front, but were a couple in the back that I wasn't able to pull as regularly at the time because I had just had a baby. When they sent the notice, I pulled the weeds, but didn't cut my grass because when we looked up the bylaw, it said ours fit the classifcation of "perennial garden", which is:

Perennial Gardens: “perennial gardens” means an area deliberately implemented to produce ground cover, including wild flowers, shrubs, perennials, ornamental grasses or combinations of them, but does not include a wildflower meadow or a naturalized area;
The bylaw later says this:
Perennial gardens – exemption: This by-law does not apply to perennial gardens, provided that the perennial gardens aremanaged in accordance with the Weed Control Act and provided that there is no waste

Being that was exactly what I had, I cleaned up the weeds and left it at that. Also, I really could have kept the weeds that were there, since they didnt fall under the Weed Control Act.

After the first notice, and after I had pulled the weeds, they (a woman and Chris Hennigar, the one who issued the bylaw infraction) snuck into our backyard while I was there hanging laundry. All the woman said was along the lines of "doesn't the owner take care of this property?", to which I replied, "I'm sorry, I don't see an issue with it." They took a photo and left. She later claimed that she told me they were coming back to clear our grass, which she never did.

The city sent their thugs to come cut our grass without notifying us by mail, phone, or even ringing the doorbell. I heard loud noises in our backyard and saw there were random people cutting our grass and someone looking through a bag on our back porch. Sam went out and told them they were trespassing and to leave. They left, but it was too late, they murdered our front lawn and part of the backyard.

Then, Chris had the audacity to send us a bill for the crime. I called him on July 20th, 2016 and told him I wasn't paying for them murdering our grass and that he owed ME for property damage as well as theft and trespassing. He told me what a coincidence was that I had called just then, because they were sending their thugs over again to murder the rest of our lawn in a couple hours. I told them not to come and he said he would call me back. While I was waiting for his phone call, two plain clothes police were at our door along with the thugs holding their weed whackers, the woman who had snuck into our backyard and Chris Hennigar as well.

I told them they were not allowed to cut the grass and to leave because they were trespassing, but to no avail, because they would not listen to reason the entire time. I had answered the door carrying my baby in a baby wrap and my other child was in the house with Sam. I was outside for hours and hours trying to show them the bylaw, but they were too keen on murdering our grass and harassing my family to see what I was showing them. I told them how we cared for the grass and how we had planted it in the front. I was showing them how ours was healthy and everyone's on the street was dead, how I didn't have to use pesticides, fertilizer or waste energy cutting it. I showed them the dead patch and the dead front lawn, where they cut and killed it. The police acted like they understood for a bit, and then talked to the woman and then told me that no matter what, they were going to cut the grass. I told them if they did that would be an offense and that they were criminals because we hadn't done anything wrong, and the lawn was in accordance with their bylaw, so I would be forced to citizens arrest them. The police told me I better not or they would arrest me, and proceeded to threaten me.

The woman lied in front of me to the police multiple times, stating that they told us they were coming amongst other things. She told me something as fact that was suppose to be in the bylaw, but when I told her it was NOT in the bylaw, she looked and couldn't find it and acknowledged she just lied, and I told her that was a lie, just like the other times she was lying, and she told me I'd 'better watch it!', right there on OUR property! Sam was inside the house with my other child (about 1.5 years old at the time) and I was outside carrying my newborn. The whole time I was trying to show them we hadn't done anything wrong,and that they were making a mistake. I asked them to not cut it that day so that my lawyer could talk to them, but they quickly escalated the situation. More police showed up, dressed in armor and riot gear, carrying assault rifles and riot shields. Sam went to the backdoor and told them not to murder the lawn and that they should leave because they were trespassing, they responded by pointing stun guns at him. I was super upset at this point because I thought something really bad was going to happen. I was frantically trying to talk sense into these people, but the wouldn't hear me. It was hopeless so I wanted to just go back inside because my older child was screaming and wanted me and my newborn was hungry and getting hot in the sun, and I was just exhausted. I am a nursing mother and am already exhausted, and they did this to me, putting me under extreme stress, which is horrible for nursing, because the adrenaline goes into the milk and you feed that to the baby, harming her.

The police supervisor came and I was trying to speak to him about the situation and since he would not hear me, to get a judge there so that we could try to remedy the situation before they committed a crime and caused damage. But, instead of acting civilized they pointed guns at my family and ended up murdering our lawn.

The plains clothes police that was nearest to me at the side of the house told me I was not allowed to enter my home. When I went anyways, he grabbed me by the arm super hard and pulled me over to the side and was yelling at me to stand where he was pointing. I was crying, and was fearing for my families safety, and these criminals from the city were standing behind me laughing (see last two photos below).

Close up:

Assault weapons/SWAT gear:

After they murdered my lawn and left, I went outside to see the damage and noticed someone left a note on my car's windshield. A neighbor wrote me to tell me that he saw what happened and that if I ever needed anything to ask. He stated how it was 'absolutely ridiculous to be blocking a mother and child from entering the home.' So insted of what I expected, the neighbor to be afraid by what happened with all the police, guns and armor, he was concerned for me and was disgusted by how they had acted. I mean, if you were to talk to the SWAT police that were there, and ask what was going on, what could they say? "We're here because they wont cut their grass." Pretty ridiculous.

All this because of some excuse that our natural grass was a 'problem', the cities excuse to harass and threaten us again. And yes, they sent me another bill for their crime.

Morphis creator goes
to Hindu temple to learn and gets assaulted and abducted by police

December 17, 2016

My partner, Sam Maloney, creator of Morphis went to a Hindu temple here in London, Ontario hoping to learn more about the religion. He found the temple online, and under Education / Vedanta Class it seems as if anyone is welcome. Especially since this is their mission statement:

"To promote and preserve the Hindu religious and cultural heritage and to strive for inter-religious harmony, understanding, and universal brotherhood among Canadians of all ethnic groups and persuasions."
He jogged there in the summer heat on Father's Day, Sunday June 17th, 2016. The temple was far and he got lost and was dehydrated. When he finally got there, they welcomed him and read to him from a book, but he ended up having a heat stroke and they called 911. The ambulance came and they wanted him to get into the van to treat him, but he refused treatment and instead left the building.

On his way home, at the side of the road, the police showed up and were trying to card him, not saying what was wrong. He excersiced his charter rights to not answer their questions and proceeded to walk home. They then chased after him, trying to run him over with the car and assaulting him. They then told him he had trespassed at the temple. The people at the temple had never told him to leave and were quite friendly towards him, even while Sam was leaving, he asked if he could come back again, and they said yes. We are unsure at this time if it was the people at the temple that charged him with trespassing or if it was the police that made it up in order to cover their asses about the assault. According to the lawyers, hes not even charged with trespassing. It is also important to realize that the temple is open to the public! We are both very confused and concerned about what happened on this day.

Below are some photos of what they did to him. But the harassment did not stop there...